Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fatigue - depression or adrenal exhaustion?

Chinese medicine honors how you feel - if you're tired, you probably need rest. How much rest? That depends on how much you've been "overspending" your resources. We highly value rest and relaxation - and we know that being busy and not sleeping enough adds up over time. Somehow in this modern American culture we think we can just keep going - or worse, that we must: "I'll rest when I die."

It isn't conducive to quality of life if we just keep running, and don't stop to assess where we are, where we've come from, where we're going... and how our actions affect others who we are close to. When we busy ourselves in only seeing the immediate urgency and forget to look at the larger perspective, it's a lot like driving without any idea of what turn to take next. Besides getting lost, we're spending resources (time, energy, relationships, consciousness) going nowhere.

Sometimes it takes a bigger crisis to make us stop and take stock. Often the crisis is one of health. The thing is, the crisis took a while building up, it just wasn't noticed until it got to be a problem. Sometimes it starts as just fatigue, difficulty getting out of bed. Depression seems to be the catch-all diagnosis, take some meds, feel "fine"! Well, that just hides the problem under the rug, until something else shows up... More meds? Or maybe it's time to take stock of how we got here, accept that we don't have unlimited resources, that our bodies aren't the invicible 20-year-old body we used to have, that seemed to take all sorts of abuse with minimal repercussions... And maybe it is ok to sleep 12 hours a day - even for 2 years!

The Western medicine diagnosis is adrenal fatigue. Check out Dr Mercola's article on it:

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